Class sched.xlsx 01-01-18


5:45am Strength Plus-                                     

7:00am Vinyasa Yoga-                                         

7:30am Cycle-                                                      

8:30am Cycle-                                   

9:30am Stregnth Plus-


5:45am Cycle- 

7:30am Egoscue- 

8:30am Function & Flow (egoscue format)

8:30am Cycle & Sculpt- 

10:30am Zumba-


5:45am Strength Plus-

7:00am Vinyasa Yoga-

8:30am Function & Flow (egoscue format)

9:30am Budda Strength

8:30am Cycle

5:30pm Cycle


5:45am Cycle

7:30am Egoscue

8:30am Cycle & Sculpt

8:30am Melt Performance- (sign-up’s req. to reserve foam roller, unless you have your own Melt Roller)

10:30am Zumba- Charly


6:30am Vinyasa Yoga                                   

7:30am Cycle

8:30am Function & Flow (egoscue format)  

9:30am Strength Plus-                


7:00am Vinyasa Yoga

8:30am Cycle

9:30am Strength Plus

10:30am Zumba- Charly Class on Jan 13th & 27th


7:30am Hatha Yoga


*All classes are subject to change or cancellation with out notice. Please call 858-755-0496 with questions.

Members are asked to arrive on time to be courteous of others in the class. Thank you for your cooperation.

-Please bring a towel for class.

*Want to stay informed about whats happening at the gym- please update your email at the service desk!